Account opening transaction
TREX GLOBAL support a fast withdraw channel to clients, 99% clients can finished withdraw successful in 30 min.
  • Withdraw methods
  • Currency
  • Fee/Handing fee
  • Handing time
  • Withdraw
  • Bind bank card

  • USD

  • Free in most situations

  • Instantly
  • Login account

How to withdraw
    • 01.Login to user center >
    • 02.Click “Withdraw” >
    • 03.Choose withdraw bank card and fill in withdraw amount
    1. Login on homepage or other pages and to come to User center.
    2. Click “Withdraw”, choose bank card and fill in withdraw amount.
    3. Check withdraw information.
    4. Withdraw successful.
    • 01.Login to user center >
    • 02.Click “Withdraw” >
    • 03.Choose withdraw bank card and fill in withdraw amount
    1. Login real account and click “Withdraw”.
    2. Choose bank card and fill in amount that use for withdrawal.
    3. Withdraw successful. Client can receive withdraw amount after system processed.

Withdrawal instructions:

01. To avoid delayed withdrawals, please check the bank account information before confirming the withdrawal instructions. If any questions,
please contact customer service. The withdrawal amount will be received in your registered bank account, the withdrawal currency is the same
as the currency of the bank account that you have registered.

02. Please fill in the withdrawal amount in USD for withdrawals, and the withdrawal amount should be kept in two decimal places. And the exchange
between the VND and the USD will refer to the market exchange rate provided by TREX GLOBAL, you can check the current Exchange rate.

03. In order to avoid the loss caused by the Stop out of the system if the margin is less than 20% (200% on weekends and holidays), please pay attention
to the position margin when you going to withdraw. The loss caused by the Stop out for the client's application for withdrawal, the client is responsible for it.

04. TREX GLOBAL charges a handling fee for 3 situations when withdraw

(1) For a single withdrawal less than $ 50, TREX GLOBAL will deduct $ 3 from the withdrawal amount as a handing fee when sending money.

(2) If the margin used for the positions is less than 60% of the capital deposition amount, and the last deposit amount is not used for investment
transactions, 6% of the withdrawal amount will be deducted as the handing fee.

(3) After met the position margin used, you can withdraw up to 3 times for free within 24 hours. If you withdraw for the fourth time within 24 hours,
you will be required to deduct 6% of the withdrawal amount for each withdrawal.

05. As usual, withdrawal amount can be received within two hours, but if bank system maintenance delaying withdrawal processing, the specific receiving
time depends on the bank's processing speed.

06. Please do not use non-owner bank account to withdraw, otherwise our company reserves the right to make this processing; please refer to the
Customer agreement for details.

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