Account opening transaction
TREX GLOBAL support many local deposit methods, the deposit flow is simple and fast, clients can receive
deposit instantly.
  • Deposit methods
  • Currency
  • Fee/Handing fee
  • Handing time
  • Deposit entry
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How to deposit
    • 01.Login to User center >
    • 02.Deposit >
    • 03.Confirm to deposit
    1.You can click Here or Login on the home page or any other pages that can login account.
    2. Enter account information to login user center.
    3. Choose “Deposit” under Account page or click “Deposit” or “Deposit directly”
    4. Choose “Currency”, “Deposit method”, “Deposit amount” and “Submit”.
    5. Confirm the deposit information.
    6. Login to the Bank page and follow the steps to finish payment.
    7. Go back to User Center and check the Balance.
    • 01.Login to User center >
    • 02.Deposit >
    • 03.Confirm to deposit
    1. Open APP TrexGlobal, login to real account.
    2. Click “Account”, choose “Deposit”
    3. Choose the deposit amount, deposit methods and click “Submit” to select bank card, click “Confirm”.
    4. Login to the internet bank and finished payment.
    5. Payment successful, go back to APP , check account balance on the “Trade”

Deposit instructions:

01. Please note that all deposited amounts will be immediately displayed in the account statement of the company's trading system, and the
company will not issue a separate accounting notice.

02. To prevent money laundering, under no circumstances will the company accept non-self (third party) deposits.

03. Please note that the company does not accept credit card deposits.

04. If it is found that the clients uses a non-self (third party) or credit card to deposit, the company will immediately refund, and the 6% handling fee and
other fees (if any) caused by the refund will be borne by the clients.

05. The company's designated account currency is USD.

06. Deposits in non-account currencies are converted into account currencies with the market exchange rate of the third-party online payment platform.
The deposit amount after conversion may be different from the original deposit amount. The exchange rate is based on the exchange price of the
third-party online payment platform at that time.

07. After completing the deposit, we recommends that client to send the deposit certificate and bank account certificate to the customer
service staff by as soon as possible for inspection.Please pay more attention to that our company must perform the review procedure in
accordance with the regulations of the supervisory authority from time to time. If the clients fails to submit the deposit certificate or the bank account
data is incomplete, it may cause the delay in the arrival of the funds in the trading account.

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