TREX GLOBAL LIMITED, TREX GLOBAL Client Agreement, March 2018
NFA number: NFA0529711
First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd, Building, P. O Box 1574, James Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent & the Grenadines.
Trading in TREX GLOBALs involves the potential benefits and losses and does not guarantee absolute profit or loss. If the trading situation is unfavorable, the loss may exceed the amount originally invested. The fluctuation of the price of the transaction is affected by various global factors. Most of these factors are difficult to predict, and drastic fluctuations in market prices may result in investors failing to settle their losses. Although employees of TREX GLOBAL Ltd. are constantly paying attention to the market conditions, they cannot guarantee any accuracy of prediction, nor can they guarantee that any loss does not exceed a certain amount.
Please carefully read the entire agreement before signing this agreement. Note: Checking the validity of the “I have carefully read and agree to the above agreement” through the online account holder has the same legal effect as the signing of the agreement in person. TREX GLOBAL Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “TREX GLOBAL”) will upload the contents of the latest revised agreement in a timely manner. It is necessary for the customer to check it by himself to protect the right to information.
In this General Conditions of Business, unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms have their specific meanings and apply to their singular or plural as appropriate:
"Account" means the trading account opened by the customer in TREX GLOBAL;
"Bill" means a regular statement of transactions withdrawn from or deposited into an account;
"Account statement" refers to a statement of a client's securities portfolio, open positions, margin requirements, cash deposits, etc. at a specific point in time;
"Agent" means a natural person or legal person who represents another person to engage in transactions in its own name;
"Authorized Person" means a person who has been authorized by the customer to issue instructions to TREX GLOBAL;
"Business Day” means the day on which Bank of New Zealand opens its doors;
"TREX GLOBAL" and “TREX GLOBAL Contract” means the contract between the opening price and the closing price of the relevant securities or index paid or paid by the investor and the contract stipulating the difference;
"Customer" means a party with the qualifications of creating a wealthy customer;
"Collateral" means any securities or other assets deposited by the customer with TREX GLOBAL;
"Contract" means a contract whether or not to enter into or sell any commodity, securities, currency or other financial instrument or property, including any options, futures, TREX GLOBALs or other transactions associated therewith, between TREX GLOBAL and the Client, whether orally or in writing;
“Competitive Party” means the bank and/or broker through which TREX GLOBAL can complete the contract with its customers (including customers);
"Margin trading" refers to a contract opened and maintained on the basis of margin, and correspondingly to a contract based on the purchase price;
"Market rules" Rules, norms, customs and practices concerning the conclusion, implementation or settlement of transactions or contracts in any stock exchange, clearing house or other organization or market and include such exchanges, clearing houses or other organizations or The exercise of market decisions, rulings or any other power or authority;
"OTC" means a contract through TREX GLOBAL OTC for the trading of commodities, securities, currencies, or other financial instruments or property, including any options, futures, and TREX GLOBALs that are not traded on statutory securities or commodity exchanges. Article 12 as a market maker or other;
"I" means an individual or legal person who is a party to a transaction;
"TREX GLOBAL" refers to TREX GLOBAL Ltd. and all its direct and indirect subsidiaries, partners and related parties.
"Services" means the services provided by TREX GLOBAL under the Terms;
"The Terms" means the basic business terms and the amendments made from time to time governing the relationship between the customer and TREX GLOBAL;
"Transaction Confirmation" means TREX GLOBAL's confirmation of the conclusion of a contract to the customer;
“Trading Platform” means the online trading platform available for the creation of Rich in accordance with this clause;
Risk Disclosure Statement
TREX GLOBAL hereby referred to in this statement as 'the company' or 'us'. This statement provides a general description of the risks of the products you trade or invest in through your company's account and the services provided by the company. However, it does not cover all product investment risks, nor does it address your personal circumstances. TREX GLOBAL provides a wide range of investment services based on a range of products, including: stock index futures, TREX GLOBALs, stocks, foreign exchange, indices, precious metals, commodities and other financial products. The company provides TREX GLOBAL trading platform to customers for trading. Before starting the transaction, the client should clearly understand the nature of the transaction and the degree of risk, and know that the margin, TREX GLOBALs and derivatives are high-risk investments. The risk of loss can be quite large and may not be suitable for some people. The client must carefully consider whether the relevant transaction is suitable for the client based on his personal investment experience, purpose, financial status and risk tolerance. Clients should consult the law and other independent professional advice before opening an account and starting a transaction.
1. Conventional risk
The following risks apply to all accounts. The client must clearly understand the conditions and terms of the margin trading and its obligations.
1.1 Non-investment advice
Our service is limited to execution. We do not provide investment advice for products or services. We sometimes provide information or research advice on a fait accompli of a market, information on trading processes, potential risks involved, and how to reduce risks. However, you need to make a decision on whether to use our products or services. You must manage your tax and legal related matters yourself, including any regulatory filing, payment, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We do not provide any regulatory, tax and legal advice. If you have any questions about the tax treatment of your account or the liabilities of your investment products, seek independent advice.
1.2 Suitability
Before we open an account for you, we need to evaluate whether the product and/or service are appropriate. We will only provide products or services to you if we believe that you are qualified. You need to understand the risks involved in our products and services. During the application process, we will ask you about financial assets and income. However, we are not responsible for monitoring your deposit amount and whether the profit and loss are consistent with such information. You need to assess whether you have sufficient financial capacity to conduct financial activities with us and your risk preference for the products and services you use.
1.3 Trading Commissions and Other Charges
Before the customer begins trading, he should be aware of all the commissions, fees and other charges the customer will pay. These charges will affect the profitability the customer may have or increase the loss of the customer.
1.4 Need to monitor positions
You need to monitor all positions closely. As your responsibility, you need to monitor all open positions and orders that have been set up, and make sure that you can log in to your account at any time.
1.5 Electronic Trading
Trading through electronic trading systems may cause delays in the transmission and receipt of customer instructions or other data. Delays may also occur in the execution of customer orders or their instructions may be executed at prices different from the instructions given by customers. Communication facilities may also be Failure or transmission interruption. Customers will face the risks associated with the system, including hardware and software failures. System failures may make it difficult for customer orders to be executed according to the customer's instructions, or even impossible at all. Therefore, the customer acknowledges and accepts that due to unpredictable communication blocking or other reasons, electronic transmission is not necessarily a reliable method of communication, and the customer is responsible for misunderstandings, errors, and all related risks.
1.6 Trading Facilities
Most electronic transaction facilities are computer-based systems that support the processing of transaction order delivery, execution, matching, registration, and transaction settlement. Such systems are vulnerable to temporary failure. The client’s ability to recover certain losses may be limited by the limited liability of the system provider, market, clearing house, etc. These limited responsibilities may be different.
1.7 Market Liquidity
When we set the transaction price, spreads and scale, we have considered the tools of the underlying market. Market conditions may change significantly in a very short period of time, so you may not be able to sell or close a position at the time of buying or opening a position. Under certain trading conditions, closing may be difficult or impossible. For example, when the price volatility is extremely severe, it rises or falls to a certain extent during a trading session, and the transaction must be suspended or restricted according to the relevant exchange rules.
1.8 Exchange over the Counter
In certain jurisdictions, and only in limited circumstances, the company may be allowed to trade off-exchange, and the company that trades for the customer may be the customer's counterparty. The company is a direct counterparty to customers in many product transactions. The company has the right to refuse to accept or guarantee any order. Therefore, it may be difficult or impossible to close positions, evaluate values, determine fair prices or assess risks. For these reasons, such transactions may involve greater risks. OTC transactions may be less regulated or subject to different regulatory systems. The client should clearly understand the applicable regulations and related risks before starting the transaction.
1.9 Suspension or Restriction of Transactions and Pricing
Market conditions and/or operational regulations in certain markets (such as suspension of trading of any products due to market suspension) may increase the risk of customer loss, as it may become difficult or impossible to complete trading or to close orders. may. In addition, the normal price relationship between related assets and trading products may not exist, and there is no reference price for related assets/products, so it is difficult to assess or determine “fair” prices.
1.10 Transactions in Other Jurisdictions
Transactions in markets in other jurisdictions, including markets officially linked to the local market, may expose customers to other risks. Under those market regulations, the protection afforded to investors may be different or even reduce the protection for investors. Before starting the transaction, the client should ask for any regulations related to the client's transaction and understand the compensation available to him in his location and in other jurisdictions.
1.11 Deposited Cash and Property
The client must confirm that the transfer of money or other property to TREX GLOBAL International, its representatives or its licensors, is accompanied by risk. The client must be familiar with various protections for the money and property deposited by clients for local or foreign transactions, especially when the company faces financial difficulties or bankruptcy. The extent to which customers can recover cash and property is subject to specific legislation or local rules or may be severely delayed. This is the risk that the customer must be prepared to take.
1.12 Risk of Force Majeure
Notice to Customer If the transaction activity is disrupted by force majeure; the customer's order may not be executed or be performed under conditions that are relatively insufficient.
Conditions of force majeure include, but are not limited to:
The source of the quotation was temporarily shut down, damaged or shut down in other people and circumstances;
In the corresponding trading market, the price of trading products has abnormal changes or loses liquidity;
The publication of reports on macroeconomic data, or other political and economic information, has a significant impact on the prices of trading products;
TREX GLOBAL does not assume any responsibility due to the damage of hardware and software that causes the electronic trading system to fail to operate normally;
Internet connection failure due to network vendor's mistakes;
Decisions and orders of the national administrative department;
Defects in telecommunications systems.
2. TREX GLOBAL Trading Platform
2.1 Leveraged trading with a high degree of risk
Such transactions are leveraged trading, which means that through leverage ratios, customers can control very high volume trading contracts with very low initial margin. Even if there are any changes in the market, it will have a great impact on the funds that the customer has or will deposit. This may have a good or a bad influence on the customer. The customer may have the opportunity to suffer losses in the initial deposit and any additional funds deposited by the customer in order to maintain the customer's position. If the market change is unfavorable to the customer or the level of the margin increases, the customer has the opportunity to fail to timely increase the margin to maintain the position of the customer and be forced to close out the position in the event of a loss. The customer will be responsible for the resulting loss.
2.2 Risk Reduction Instructions
Loss orders that are limited to a specific amount (such as Stop Limit Orders) may not be effective or enforceable. If the order is a stop limit order, there is no guarantee that the order can be executed at a limit price or it will be executed. In addition, some strategies that use position consolidation, such as spreads or the same price pair, may have the same risk as simply making a “long position” or “short position”.
2.3 Deposit and Withdrawal Arrangements
Weekend margin must be maintained at 200% or above (ie, maintained at the initial margin level) during the market crossing, otherwise it will promote strength and return the margin to the required level;
During the holiday period, the margin must be maintained at 200% or more (that is, maintained at the initial margin level). Otherwise, the bond will be promoted and the margin will be returned to the required level.
Regardless of whether it is open or closed, if there are still open orders in the customer's trading account, in order to reduce the risk of customer transaction orders being forced to close, the customer cannot withdraw funds in full at the time of withdrawal and must ensure that the trading platform is “available”. The amount in the "Margin" column is not equal to zero.
Under normal market conditions, the margin recovery mechanism is for the purpose of the hedge account balance being lower than the value of the funds deposited in the account. When the current net value is less than 20% of the guaranteed amount of the open positions, the margin call mechanism will automatically close the position with the highest loss. If there are unfavorable market conditions, especially when there is a large price fluctuation, the loss caused by the execution price of the closed position by the guarantee money recovery mechanism may exceed the balance of the customer's account. Create rich rights to recover the negative amount from the account when the loss exceeds the balance of the customer's account.
Customer report
This agreement is legally binding. Please review it carefully.
This legal contract is entered into by the successors or transferors of TREX GLOBAL (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) and the parties to this document (hereinafter referred to as “the customer”).
The investment in opening an account with the company to engage in a contractual unit in deposit form through the Over-the-Counter market (hereinafter referred to as "OTC") does not involve physical delivery. The client acknowledges that it has understood the following factors related to leveraged OTC transactions and the risk disclosure statements provided to clients.
OTC transactions are only suitable for professional institutions or individuals with rich investment experience, and their financial position can withstand losses that may be far beyond the value of the deposit or deposit.
OTC's business does not require public outcry. Although many venue transactions use computer-based systems to provide quotations and actual prices, these two prices may be biased by the lack of market liquidity. Many electronic transaction facilities are supported by computer-based systems that support trade order placement, execution, and pairing. They are vulnerable to temporary system failures. The client’s ability to recover certain losses may be limited by the liability limits set by the system provider, the bank, and/or other financial institutions and the limits may vary.
In the OTC market, companies not only trade outside the exchange. The company, which is trading for clients, can be the opponent of a customer's trading in many OTC transactions. Possible situations, including closing a position, evaluating value, determining fair value, or assessing risk disclosure can be difficult or impossible. For these reasons, such transactions may involve greater risks. OTC transactions may be less regulated or subject to different regulatory systems. Before starting a transaction, customers should understand the applicable regulations and associated risks.
If the customer engages in transactions in any electronic market, the customer will be exposed to the risks associated with the electronic trading system, including hardware or software failures. System failures may make it difficult for customers' orders to perform as directed or not at all.
1.Internet failure
The operation of the Internet is not within the scope of TREX GLOBAL's control. Therefore, it cannot ensure the reception and distribution of signals via the Internet, and the reliability of the structure or connection of the customer's electronic devices. TREX GLOBAL never fails to communicate with the Internet.Or delay the charge.
2. Market Risk and Online Trading
Margin trading involves considerable risk and it is not suitable for every investor. Please refer to the Risk Disclosure Statement for detailed information on the risks. Although online trading brings much convenience or efficiency to customers, it does not reduce the risk of margin trading itself. Therefore, the customer must be prepared to take this risk before trading.
3. Password protection
The customer must keep the password confidential and ensure that no third party can access its trading facilities. The Client agrees to be responsible for all instructions sent via the e-mail or electronic trading platform and for all instructions issued by TREX GLOBAL via e-mail, electronic trading platform, telephone or in writing to TREX GLOBAL, even if issued by a third party. And customer password or customer signing and account number certification, according to the judgment of TREX GLOBAL believes this is the customer's surface authorization. TREX GLOBAL does not have the responsibility to make further inquiries on this apparent authority, nor does it have any responsibility for the consequences of any actions taken or not taken in accordance with these apparent powers. The customer is solely responsible for the confidentiality, security, and use of the password.
4. Quotation error
If the quotation or the transaction price is wrong, TREX GLOBAL is not responsible for the corresponding error in the account balance. Errors may include but are not limited to: wrong quotes from traders, quotes from non-international market prices, or any quote errors (for example, due to hardware, software, or communication line or system failures that caused the quotes to be incorrect or that third parties provided false external data). TREX GLOBAL does not need to be responsible for account balances caused by mistakes. Customers must reserve enough time to execute orders and system to calculate the required margin time when placing orders. If the execution price of the order or the order setting is too close to the market price, this may trigger other orders (all order types) or issue a margin call. TREX GLOBAL will not be responsible for margin reminders, account balances or account positions resulting from systems that do not have sufficient time to execute orders or perform calculations. The above shall not be regarded as an exhaustive list of content. In the event of a quotation or execution error, TREX GLOBAL reserves the right to make necessary corrections or adjustments to the relevant account. Any dispute arising from quoting or execution errors will be resolved with absolute discretion. If any loss, damage or liability is caused by this, the customer agrees to pay compensation so that TREX GLOBAL International will not be harmed.
5. Sets
Errors in the internet, online delays, and quotes can sometimes cause quotes on TREX GLOBAL Trading Platform to fail to accurately reflect real-time market prices. The use of "consultation" and "invoicing" of TREX GLOBAL, or the use of profit from price difference due to delays in network connection, cannot exist in the over-the-counter market in which clients’ trade directly with the dealer. TREX GLOBAL does not allow customers to conduct such arbitrage on the company's trading platform. Transactions based on arbitrage opportunities due to price lags may be revoked. TREX GLOBAL reserves the right to make necessary amendments and adjustments to the accounts involved in the above transactions. TREX GLOBAL may, at its absolute discretion, require traders to intervene or approve all orders and/or terminate the account of the relevant customer without prior notice to the customer. For disputes arising from arbitrage and/or manipulation of prices, TREX GLOBAL will resolve them based on absolute discretion. TREX GLOBAL reserves the right to freeze customer withdrawals until it can completely solve the above problems. Any action or resolution stated herein will not prejudice or relinquish any rights or remedies that TREX GLOBAL owns to customers and its employees.
6. Controlling prices, execution and platforms
It is strictly forbidden for TREX GLOBAL to manipulate its price, execution and platform in any form. If TREX GLOBAL suspects that any account is engaged in manipulation, TREX GLOBAL reserves the right to conduct investigations and audits of accounts, and deducts the profits earned from related activities from the alleged accounts. TREX GLOBAL reserves the right to make necessary corrections or adjustments to the relevant accounts. TREX GLOBAL In the case of accounts suspected of manipulation, TREX GLOBAL, in its sole discretion, requires traders to intervene, approve orders, and/or terminate accounts of relevant customers. For any dispute arising from arbitrage and/or manipulation, TREX GLOBAL will resolve it in its absolute discretion. TREX GLOBAL may, at its discretion, decide to report the incident to any relevant regulatory body or law enforcement agency. Any action or resolution stated herein does not relieve or impair the rights or indemnity of Fortune International to the customer and its employees.
7. Customer Counterparty - Market Liquidity
The company cannot guarantee the reputation of the client's counterparty. The company only tries its best to deal with well-established and reliable institutions and clearing houses. In addition, the Company may cause the transaction to cease due to the liquidity of the transaction, which may result in the customer being unable to close the position for the loss in time, which may bring considerable losses to the customer. The company will not bear any responsibility for these losses.
8. Margin Policy (for TREX GLOBAL platforms)
The company’s margin policy may require the client to provide additional funds to maintain its margin account, and the client is obliged to meet such margin requirements. Otherwise, it may be automatically closed and the corresponding loss can be caused. The company also reserves the right to refuse to accept orders or to provide market hedging.
9. Third-party information or advice
If any non-employee employee (hereinafter referred to as "third party") provides customers with any information or advice on trading products, the company cannot control or guarantee the accuracy and completeness of its trading products, and the company will never be responsible for the customer. Use the information or suggestions to assume any responsibility for the loss.
10. Third-party management transaction authorization or its account
If the customer passes the authorization of the transaction or the management of its account to a third party, whether it is a matter of autonomy or non-autonomy, the company will never be responsible for the choice made by the customer. The company does not make any statement or guarantee to the third parties involved in the transaction; the company is not responsible for the losses incurred by the customer due to the transaction of the third party. Therefore, if the customer authorizes a third party to manage his/her account, the customer must assume all relevant risks. If the customer does not have the consent of the company to transfer the authorization of the transaction or the management of its account to a third party, the company reserves the right to cancel all or part of the relevant transactions of the account without prior notice to the customer.
11. Supervision and Law
Customers should fully comply with the company's local laws, including obtaining the consent of the government or relevant regulatory agencies to comply with any other formalities to be observed in such areas or jurisdictions, and paying for the use of the company's platform for transactions, local related taxes, duties and other amounts. The transactions made by the customer on the company's platform will be deemed as the customer's statement to the company's company and guarantees that it has complied with local laws and regulations. If the customer has questions about the relevant circumstances, the client should consult the law and other independent professional advice before opening an account and starting the transaction.
Customer agreement
TREX GLOBAL agreed to open and hold a trading account with the customer and may provide the customer with OTC through the customer's wealth creation account (as defined in the customer's report above).
1. Terms and Title
The term "TREX GLOBAL" includes TREX GLOBAL Ltd., its branches, heirs, and assignors. The term "customer" refers to the party (or parties) that entered into this agreement. The term "agreement" includes all agreements or authorizations made by all customers at any time to maintain their wealth creation account. The paragraph headings of this agreement are for the convenience of examination and do not limit or affect the application and significance of the paragraph provisions.
2. Constraint effect
This agreement (including the Risk Disclosure Statement, Customer's Statement, Disclaimer, and this Client Agreement and Account Opening Application Form) will continue to be valid and cover all accounts opened or reopened by the Client at any time in TREX GLOBAL, regardless of any wealth creation or Alteration of personnel of other heirs, transferors, or affiliates. In the event of mergers, mergers, or other changes, this Agreement (including any authorizations) will be in the interests of TREX GLOBAL or other heirs or transferors, and the Client and/or his or her inheritors, principals, administrators, legal representatives, and heirs. And the transferor is binding. The client can only perform transactions with TREX GLOBAL after confirming this agreement, and agrees that the client's rights or obligations related to this transaction are governed by the terms of this agreement.
3. Agreement accepted
Only after TREX GLOBAL confirms and approves this agreement can it be regarded as having accepted or become a binding contract between the customer and TREX GLOBAL.
4. Trading authorization
TREX GLOBAL can perform matching and/or release of the market for some or all of the customer's orders. TREX GLOBAL is authorized to perform OTC buying or selling of customer accounts to counterparties such as banking institutions or senior participants in accordance with the customer's instructions. Unless the client objected in writing, TREX GLOBAL was authorized to execute all the orders, and Chong Fu deems suitable counterparties such as banks, financial institutions or senior participants. As long as TREX GLOBAL does not receive a written notice from the customer and informs the objector (including the customer's senior staff, partner, and statutory person in charge) that it will obtain authorization, TREX GLOBAL will treat the customer as agreeing to create rich rights based on the customer or its authorized person. Instruct to buy or sell OTC. The customer authorizes creation of wealth based on and performs any instructions, authorizations or information that appears to be derived from the authorizer. The resulting method is transmitted electronically.
Therefore, the customer agrees:
TREX GLOBAL is authorized to execute the instructions and does not need to consult the validity of the instructions but regards the instructions as instructions actually issued by the authorizer;
In any case, TREX GLOBAL does not need to verify the validity of the instructions or the signature of any individual case;
In the event that TREX GLOBAL is acting in good faith and has no negligence, the customer will bear the risk of all unauthorized instructions issued by its representative, employee or agent, and the customer will be liable for any loss, expenses, remuneration or damages, expenses, claims, lawsuits, or claims. In the event of a loss caused by improper, unauthorized or fraudulent instructions issued by a customer's employee, agent, or representative, the customer warrants that it will not pursue any liability or seek compensation from TREX GLOBAL.
Create rich rights to limit the total number of customers placing orders each time. Fortune Rich limits the amount and/or total number of positions the customer receives or holds. TREX GLOBAL will strive to execute orders it chooses to accept according to the instructions of the client computer. TREX GLOBAL refused to accept any orders or guarantee market hedging. However, TREX GLOBAL will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by acts or omissions that cannot be directly or indirectly controlled by TREX GLOBAL. This includes, but is not limited to, any delay in the transmission of orders or information due to transmission or communication facility malfunction, or inaccurate loss or damage.
5. Government, counterparty agencies and inter-bank system regulations
All transactions under this Agreement are governed by the charter, rules, regulations, rules, customs, usage, rulings and interpretations of counterparties or other interbank markets (and their liquidation organizations, if applicable) that govern the execution of transactions, and perform all applicable New Zealand law. If any decree passed later, or any regulation passed by any government agency, binds, or affects, or conflicts with any clause of this agreement, the affected clauses shall be deemed to have been altered or replaced by relevant decrees and regulations. Other terms and changed terms will continue to be fully effective. The Client confirms that all transactions under this Agreement are governed by the aforementioned regulatory requirements.
6. Consent to cross-trade
The Client hereby confirms and agrees that the following may occur: a business associate related to TREX GLOBAL, a director, an affiliate, an affiliate, an employee, a bank or bank employee, a dealer and TREX GLOBAL itself may be a client account, the transaction of an opponent broker or principal. The Client hereby agrees to proceed with the above transaction, the only restriction being any possible regulations or requirements of the bank/organization, exchange or trading committee that executed the sale and purchase order, or any possible restrictions and conditions of other regulatory agencies.
7. Account settlement and debt payment
If the following occurs:
Customer's death or judicial declaration is incapable;
The customer has filed for bankruptcy, or sent a custodian, or the customer has performed any bankruptcy or similar lawsuit automatically or passively;
Seize any account opened by the customer in TREX GLOBAL;
Insufficient margin or TREX GLOBAL determines that any collateral used to protect the customer's trading account is not sufficient to guarantee the account, regardless of the current market price;
The client failed to provide information to TREX GLOBAL in accordance with the requirements of this agreement;
Any other situation or change in which a wealth-generating person should take protective measures, creating a full and full discretion to take one or more of the following actions:
Use the funds or assets that TREX GLOBAL saves or controls for its customers to offset the debts of TREX GLOBAL directly or because of the guarantee provided by the customers; buy and sell any orders held for customers;
Cancel any or all outstanding orders, or any other commitments made on behalf of the customer.
Taking any of the above actions may not be conditional on the following:
Require customers to provide margin or additional margin, or notify the customer in advance of the purchase or sale decision, the personal representative of the customer, the heir, the principal, or the assignor, regardless of whether the proprietary interests involved are unique to the customer or shared with others.
In order to establish that the creation of wealth judgments is beneficial to protecting or reducing the spread of the customer's existing position or the same price pair, the creation of rich and wealthy clients is the right to clear long or short positions of the customer.
Pursuant to TREX GLOBAL’s judgment and discretion, the transactions described herein may be conducted through any inter-bank or other frequently traded market, or sold privately in a public auction, and TREX GLOBAL may purchase all or part of the business without foreclosure limits.
Upon the request of TREX GLOBAL, the customer will be liable for the arrearage of his account at any time, and shall be responsible for his remaining arrears at any time when his account is either completely or partially closed by TREX GLOBAL. If the funds to be closed under this authorization are not sufficient to cover the debt owed by the customer to TREX GLOBAL, upon demand, the customer will immediately pay the owed, all outstanding debt and the corresponding interest (calculated as follows: at the major bank The provided preferential interest rate is based on 3% or the maximum interest rate prescribed by law, the lower one is chosen, and all the fees charged include attorney fees, witness fees, and travel expenses. If TREX GLOBAL has paid other fees than the fee for recovering arrears due to the customer's account, the customer also agrees to pay such fees.
8. Risk taking
The client understands that investing in leveraged or leveraged trading is speculative, involves a high degree of risk and is only suitable for individuals who are able to bear more than their risk of deposit loss. The customer understands that due to the low margin normally required for OTC transactions, OTC's price movements may cause considerable losses which may exceed the client's investment and margin deposits. The Client warrants that he is willing and able to assume the risk of OTC transactions financially or otherwise and that the Client agrees not to pursue the transaction losses caused by the recommendation or recommendation of the transaction made to comply with TREX GLOBAL or its employees, agents or representatives, the responsibility of the rich. The customer recognizes that there is no guarantee that the OTC transaction will be profitable or loss-free. The Client acknowledges that it has not obtained a profit guarantee from TREX GLOBAL; or any of its representatives or introducers; or other customers, and has not entered into this Agreement in accordance with any of the above warranties.
9. The responsibility of TREX GLOBAL Ltd.
TREX GLOBAL will not be responsible for delays in the transmission of orders due to transmission or communication facilities malfunctions, power shorts or any other cause beyond the control or expectation of wealth creation. TREX GLOBAL will only be responsible for the acts that are directly caused by deliberate mistakes or frauds caused by negligence in creating wealth. The creation of wealth will not be responsible for the losses caused by the faults of any introducer or other participants employed by TREX GLOBAL in accordance with this agreement.
10. Reports and Confirmation
An order confirmation report or customer account statement will be deemed as correct, final, and binding proof of the customer, unless the customer immediately opposes the receipt of the report within one day of receiving the report or other form of service. The customer’s written correspondence is sent to the latest office address on the TREX GLOBAL website. The address may change from time to time. Please request a return receipt. If not objected, all actions taken by TREX GLOBAL or its introducers before the client receives the above report will be deemed as having been approved. Failure of the customer to receive confirmation of the transaction will not relieve him of his obligation to make such objections
11. Communication
Reports, reports, and other communications may be sent to the customer's e-mail or customer's address on the application form. All communications sent out in this way, whether by mail, telegram or other means, are deemed to have been issued by TREX GLOBAL once they have been put into the relevant postal service or received by the sending agency, and are deemed to have been delivered to the customer himself, regardless of whether the customer is actually Roger that.
12. Fees
Customer will pay for Introducer's fees, commissions and special services or all other expenses (including but not limited to premiums and discounts, statement fees, idle account fees, order cancellation fees, transfer fees and other fees) arising from the services provided by TREX GLOBAL. Fees (including but not limited to fees charged by interbank institutions, banks, contract markets or other regulatory or self-regulatory organizations). TREX GLOBAL may charge commission, fees and/or charges without notice. The client agrees to pay TREX GLOBAL its interest on the payment owed to it (calculated as follows: plus 3% or the maximum interest rate prescribed by law on the basis of the preferential interest rate offered by the major bank, choose the lower one).
All these costs will be paid by the customer when they occur or at the sole discretion of TREX GLOBAL. The customer authorizes TREX GLOBAL to withhold the above fees from his account. The client agrees to pay the transfer fee determined by TREX GLOBAL when he instructs TREX GLOBAL to transfer his account's open positions, funds, and/or property to other institutions. TREX GLOBAL confirms that all quoted prices to customers do not include premiums and discounts.
TREX GLOBAL collects premiums or discounts from customers based on traded product contracts, including purchases and sales. Spills or discounts are adjusted on a regular basis and customers are advised to read the online revisions. The Client agrees to be personally responsible for the taxes and fees levied by the government on the benefits of all transactions or trading activities. The client also agrees to withhold or deduct these taxes or fees directly from the client's account when due.
13. Margin Deposit and Withdrawal Arrangements
The client agrees that when TREX GLOBAL makes a request for recovery of funds, it will promptly satisfy all the margin requirements in the mode of transfer required by TREX GLOBAL, and any fees involved in the process of remittance and transfer, including bank charges, exchange rates, and all related costs The customer is responsible. The customer fully understands that TREX GLOBAL needs time to process the deposits of the relevant customers. The customer may not be able to use the newly deposited margin as a deposit for a new position in real time, and may not be a margin call. The customer agrees to assume all due to the failure to meet the timeliness. The loss of mandatory liquidation that is faced with margin requirements can exceed the initial margin the customer initially invested. At this point, the amount in the customer's trading account may be negative, but creating a wealthy right does not recover the negative amount of the above part of the customer. TREX GLOBAL may liquidate the customer's account at any time according to the provisions of this agreement. Even if TREX GLOBAL does not exercise this right, it does not mean that it has waived this right. Any margin requirement in the past to create wealth does not prevent the creation of wealth from raising the aforementioned margin requirement without notice.
The Client shall have the right to inform TREX GLOBAL to withdraw the designated cash balance available at any time. The Client agrees that the fees involved in any remittance and transfer process, including bank charges, exchange rate differences and all related charges, shall be the responsibility of the Customer. The customer fully understands that TREX GLOBAL needs time to process withdrawals from customers, and the customer may not be able to receive the extracted amount in real time. The client agrees not to pursue all the liabilities caused by TREX GLOBAL’s failure to meet its own withdrawal requirements in a timely manner. The customer confirms that once the withdrawal request is issued, TREX GLOBAL will deduct the amount from the balance of the customer's account in real time.
The client must ensure that his designated bank account belongs to the customer himself, and TREX GLOBAL does not accept any third party (including but not limited to introducer) deposit and withdrawal.
14. Agreement modification
The Client understands, confirms and agrees that TREX GLOBAL may revise the terms of this Agreement from time to time, and TREX GLOBAL will make such changes or changes on the Company's website for publication. The customer shall regularly review the relevant terms and agree to be bound by this, and the customer understands and agrees that TREX GLOBAL will not issue new customer agreement for him. Regardless of whether the client has previously signed on the website or has personally received the client agreement, all the old terms will be treated as being changed or replaced by new terms, and other terms and the changed terms will continue to be fully effective. The process of communication between the parties to any agreement, or the fact that TREX GLOBAL or other agents fail to uphold the rights under the agreement under any circumstances or series of circumstances, cannot be indirectly construed as a waiver or change of rights. No oral agreement or instruction may be recognized or enforced.
15. Compensation
The Client agrees that if the Client fails to perform its undertaking in full and in time or because its statement or warranty is not true or correct, it will incur any liability, loss, damage, costs or expenses, including attorney's fees, to the Client. It will compensate TREX GLOBAL, its related organizations, employees, agents, heirs, and assignors, and will protect them from damage and losses. The Client also agrees to immediately pay the Injury, costs and expenses, including legal fees, incurred by Genebank in the execution of any provision of this Agreement.
In addition, if the loss comes from:
Customer's behavior: actions of the customer or authorized person or their omissions;
Forged signatures: Forged signatures or unauthorized signatures on all accounts or documents of this agreement;
Faults: system failures, equipment failures, or system interruptions or system outages (whether customers or network transmission equipment);
Delay: Delay, fault or error in the implementation of any instructions;
Information: TREX GLOBAL will not be held responsible or compensate for any inaccurate or incomplete instructions received from customers.
16. Trading recommendation
Any market recommendation and information provided to customers by TREX GLOBAL or any other company insiders does not constitute an offer to buy/sell OTC contracts or purchase/sell OTC positions;
Such recommendations and information, although based on data sources that Fortunerich believes are reliable, may be based solely on the opinions of a certain broker, such information may be incomplete or unconfirmed;
TREX GLOBAL does not provide any guarantee for the accuracy and completeness of any information or transaction recommendation provided to customers, and is not responsible for it. The client acknowledges that TREX GLOBAL and/or its supervisors, directors, affiliates, affiliates, shareholders, or representatives may hold certain product orders or intend to buy or sell a product. Such transactions will also be recommended by the market.市场 Directors, affiliates, market positions of affiliates, shareholders, or representatives may not be consistent with the recommendations the customer receives from TREX GLOBAL. The client confirmed that TREX GLOBAL did not make any guarantee on the tax impact or treatment of the contract.
17. Customer Statement and Guarantee
The client has a sound mind, reaches the legal age, and has legal capabilities;
Only the customer himself enjoys the benefits of the customer's account;
The customer hereby warrants that, regardless of any subsequent decision afterwards, in addition to the above, the customer is competent enough to conduct OTC transactions;
Customers are currently not employed on any exchange, any company holding any substantial capital, any member of any exchange and or any company registered on the exchange, any bank, trust or insurance company, once the customer accepts For the above employment, the client must immediately notify TREX GLOBAL in writing;
All the information provided in the application form part of this agreement is correct, accurate and complete as of this date, and the customer will promptly notify TREX GLOBAL of any change in information;
Customers should fully comply with relevant local laws, including complying with any other formalities in these areas or jurisdictions, and obtain government or other consent, and pay any relevant taxes in the local area for trading on the platform. Tariffs and other amounts. Customers trading on this platform will be deemed as the customer's declaration and guarantee to TREX GLOBAL that local laws and regulations have been complied with. If the customer has questions about the situation, please consult a professional advisor.
The customer is not a U.S. citizen or resident and does not have a U.S. identity mark when signing this account opening application form (the mark includes explicit indication that the place of birth is U.S., current U.S. postal or residential address (including US postal mail), current U.S. phone number Numbers, standing instructions to transfer funds to a U.S. reserved account, existing effective delegates or persons with signature rights to hold a U.S. address and use the financial institution's address as the sole "transfer" or "reserve mail" account file address.
18. Financial Information
The client declares and warrants that the financial information disclosed to Fortune International accurately represents the client's current financial situation.
The customer further declares and warrants that in determining its net worth, the assets and liabilities have been carefully calculated and the liabilities are deducted from the assets to determine the net value provided by the customer in the financial information.
The client declares and warrants that in determining the value of the asset, the client includes cash and/or cash equivalents, and can circulate securities, own property (excluding primary residences), the cash value of life insurance and other valuable assets.
The client declares and warrants that in determining the liability, the client includes a promissory note payable to the bank (guarantee or non-cash guarantee), a promissory note payable to the family member, mortgage loan payable to the property, (excluding basic residence) and other bonds.
The client declares and warrants that in determining his current assets, the client only includes assets that can be realised quickly (within one day).
The client declares and warrants that he has carefully considered the portion of the client's assets that can be venture capital.
Customer warrants and declares that venture capital refers to the amount of money that the customer is willing to put into the risk, and even if the loss does not bring any change to the customer's lifestyle.
If the customer's financial situation changes so as to reduce the customer's net worth, current assets and/or risk capital, the customer agrees to immediately inform TREX GLOBAL.
19. No guarantee of profit or limitation of loss
The Client warrants and declares that he has not entered into any separate agreement with the Client's Introducer or any of TREX GLOBAL employees or agents regarding the transaction of his wealth-creation account, including any agreements guaranteeing the profitability of his account or limiting losses, and the Client agrees that it is obliged to Written form immediately informs TREX GLOBAL of any such agreement. In addition, the customer agrees that if any statement made by any person concerning the trading account is different from the expression obtained by the customer from TREX GLOBAL, the client agrees to draw the attention of TREX GLOBAL in written form. If the customer fails to inform TREX GLOBAL in a timely manner of controversial transactions, the customer agrees to compensate TREX GLOBAL for damage. Notifications under this clause need to be sent to the office of TREX GLOBAL.
20. Credit Report
The customer authorizes TREX GLOBAL, or the agent, in the name of TREX GLOBAL, to investigate the credit status of the customer and to contact TREX GLOBAL to determine the appropriate (all) banks, financial institutions, and credit institutions involved in verifying customer information. The client further authorizes TREX GLOBAL to investigate its current and past investment activities, and to this end, contact TREX GLOBAL’s futures dealers, exchanges, brokers/dealers, banks, and legal information centers. If the customer makes a request in writing to TREX GLOBAL, the customer may be allowed to make photocopies of the above records at the expense of the customer.
21. Recording
TREX GLOBAL uses the electronic device to record telephone conversations between customers and TREX GLOBAL or its agents with or without the use of automatic sound warning devices. This record and copies of this record can be used for any purpose, including certification of customers. The instructions. The property rights of this record are absolutely unique to Fu. The client agrees that if a dispute arises, either party may use such recordings or copies of such recordings as evidence. The client also acknowledges that TREX GLOBAL is not obliged to retain the record and a duplicate copy of the record for a long period of time, and TREX GLOBAL has absolute discretion to determine the retention period of the record and the duplicate version of the record. In the event of any event of force majeure or non-invasiveness, including but not limited to theft, fire, natural disaster, technical failure of the equipment, etc. resulting in loss of wealth creation or no longer in possession of the record and/or copy of the record, TREX GLOBAL does not assume any responsibility or liability for any loss or expense involved in a customer's trading product contract.
22. Governing Law and Language
This agreement and the transactions between the parties are governed by New Zealand law in all respects, and the New Zealand courts have jurisdiction over hearing and adjudicating any dispute arising from this agreement. In this regard, you are irrevocably submitting to the exclusive jurisdiction of New Zealand Courts in relation to such disputes, and all such disputes will be executed in English. Nothing in this article will prevent us from bringing lawsuits against you in any other jurisdiction.
If your location does not belong to New Zealand, a summons filed in New Zealand can be served to you based on the local overseas regulations. Nothing in this article shall affect our right to serve a summons in any other manner permitted by law.
23. Transfer of rights
Under this agreement, TREX GLOBAL may authorize all or part of its rights or obligations to anyone without prior consent or approval from the customer.
24. High-risk investment
In addition to the standard risk disclosures contained in this agreement, customers should note that margin-based OTC transactions are one of the most risky investment methods in the financial market and are only suitable for experienced investors and institutions. Accounts opened in TREX GLOBAL allow customers to conduct OTC transactions with high leverage. Given the possibility of losing all of the investment, the speculative funds in the OTC trading market must be venture capital funds, and their losses will not have a great impact on the financial status of individual clients or institutions. If customers had only invested in low-risk investment vehicles in the past, customers may need to learn about OTC transactions before the formal sale and purchase. The client needs to realize that if the market trend during the trading of OTC is not as expected by the client, the client may lose all funds deposited in TREX GLOBAL as initial margin. If the customer wishes to continue the investment of the customer, the customer must confirm that the customer's funds are pure risk capital, and the loss of these funds will not endanger the customer's lifestyle or damage the customer's future retirement plan. In addition, customers fully understand the nature and risks of OTC investment, and the losses incurred by customers when investing will not affect third parties.
25. Data validation
If there is any change in the data on the customer's account opening application form, it is the customer's responsibility to immediately inform TREX GLOBAL about the change.
26. Agree to Transmit Electronic Transaction Confirmation and Billing
The customer hereby agrees that TREX GLOBAL will not mail the customer's transaction bills. The customer's account information and transaction confirmation will be provided via TREX GLOBAL Platform - the customer will check their account information through TREX GLOBAL's platform login account. TREX GLOBAL will publish all of the customer's account activities. The customer will be able to obtain daily, monthly and annual account activity reports, as well as each executed transaction report. Posting its account information in the customer's online account will be treated as submitting the transaction confirmation and statement. At any time, the account information will include transaction confirmations with ticket numbers, sale and purchase prices, used margins, amounts available for margin trading, profit and loss reports, and all positions and pending orders.
27. Privacy Policy
TREX GLOBAL Privacy Policy is based on the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to protect the rights of customers, facilitate the opening and maintenance of accounts, and provide financing and financial advisory services. TREX GLOBAL faithfully monitors the personal data provided by its customers. In addition to being approved by law, TREX GLOBAL will never give any private data to any individual person.
When a customer opens or maintains a trading account with TREX GLOBAL, the personal data provided will only be used for the company's internal business purposes, such as assessing the customer's financial needs, handling customer transactions and other requirements, providing relevant products and Services, providing services on general transactions and confirming client identities as required by regulatory procedures.
The data reports that TREX GLOBAL needs from customers to operate include:
Personal information requested on TREX GLOBAL's account application form and other forms, such as name, address, date of birth, ID card number, occupation, assets, and income data;
Transaction data of customers in TREX GLOBAL and its subsidiaries;
Information about the company’s investigation report company;
Information on the verification of client identities, such as government documents, passports or driver's licenses.
TREX GLOBAL will only provide the data provided by customers to the employees of the service customers to provide relevant customer services and product introductions. These procedural requirements are to protect customers' non-public data from being disclosed and protect customer privacy. TREX GLOBAL will never sell or rent any of its customers' names and personal data.
28. About Cookies
Cookies are tracking devices on the customer's hard drive that track and store data about the customer's use of online services. TREX GLOBAL may set and access TREX GLOBAL Cookies on the client's computer to assist TREX GLOBAL in understanding which advertisements and promotions attract customers to browse TREX GLOBAL's website. TREX GLOBAL and its branches may use cookies in TREX GLOBAL's products and services to track customers' browsing on TREX The collected and shared data are not named and cannot be individually identified.
29. Security Technology
TREX GLOBAL uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to protect customer-supplied data. This technology can protect the customer's data from being intercepted and stolen by others on the way to TREX GLOBAL. TREX GLOBAL strives to ensure that the site is secure and complies with industry standards and uses other data protection tools such as firewalls, authentication systems (passwords and personal identification numbers, etc.) and control mechanisms to control unauthorized access to and access to data.
Some financial products and services provided by TREX GLOBAL may need to share the above personal data with third-party service providers and some promotion companies that are not affiliated with TREX GLOBAL. Third-party service providers include companies that provide services on behalf of TREX GLOBAL by contract. For example, companies that provide SMS services, software companies that maintain and develop data processing, and so on. The confidentiality rules of these third-party companies are not the same as those of TREX GLOBAL. If it is due to the third-party company's cause of leakage of customer data, TREX GLOBAL shall not be responsible or liable for any losses or expenses involved.
In addition, if required by law, TREX GLOBAL is allowed to disclose personal data to regulatory agencies. For example, if it is necessary to comply with court orders or other official requirements, or to protect the rights and property of TREX GLOBAL, TREX GLOBAL may disclose personal information when it needs to cooperate with a regulatory agency or law enforcement agency. Before disclosing non-public personal information to a third party who is not affiliated with TREX GLOBAL, it will first inform the customer about the privacy policy and will give the customer enough time to withdraw from participating in the data disclosure. Before publishing new categories of personal information, new categories of non-personal data before the disclosure of data to a new third party (not affiliated with TREX GLOBAL), TREX GLOBAL Club will provide the customer with revised privacy policy and new withdrawal notice. All TREX GLOBAL employees are subject to reasonable supervision when implementing policies to ensure compliance with the rules.
30. Do not accept operating software orders
In order to maintain the fairness of online transactions, TREX GLOBAL does not accept the use of any operating software for ordering transactions. If it is discovered that it will cancel the qualifications or agency qualifications of the transaction, and recover all the profits and required expenses (including the capital injection fee) of the relevant account. ).
31. Arbitration agreement
Any dispute between the customer and TREX GLOBAL regarding the customer will be settled in accordance with the arbitration method of this agreement. Any award made by the arbitration will be final and binding, and any court with jurisdiction may enforce it according to law.
Customer Information
1. Capital injection
The customer can deposit funds for the customer's trading account based on the capital injection provided on the company's website.
2. Withdrawals
Before the first withdrawal, you must bind TREX GLOBAL's valid identity documents submitted by TREX GLOBAL Certified Client and the copy of the withdrawal card held by the account holder. Otherwise, the company will not accept the client's withdrawal application. All the documents and copies submitted by the customer are true and valid by default. To avoid disputes, TREX GLOBAL does not accept the customer to modify the personal data that has been bound, and TREX GLOBAL reserves the right to confirm the amendment.
The customer's application for a single withdrawal of RMB 100 (US$50 for the TREX GLOBAL platforms) shall be borne by TREX GLOBAL at the remittance fee incurred on or above.
If the customer applies for a single withdrawal of RMB100 (US$50 for TREX GLOBAL platforms) below US$, the company will charge a certain amount (TREX GLOBAL platform is US$3) as the remittance fee.
When the customer requests a withdrawal, the transaction amount is less than 60% of the injection amount, and the company will receive 6% of the withdrawal amount as the remittance fee.
TREX GLOBAL will process and remit the money within 2 hours after receiving the withdrawal application.
Due to third-party reasons, the processing speed of the bank is not controllable or predictable by Non-TREX GLOBAL. Therefore, it is very likely that the customer will not be able to receive the withdrawal amount within 2 hours.
2.1 Withdrawals (applicable to TREX GLOBAL platforms)
Regardless of whether it is open or closed, if there are still open orders in the customer's trading account, in order to reduce the risk of customers being forced to close their trading orders, the customer cannot withdraw funds in full at the time of withdrawal, and must ensure that the available margin in the trading platform. The amount in the column does not equal zero.
3. Exchange Rate (Applicable to TREX GLOBAL Platforms)
All non-US dollar deposits will be converted into U.S. dollars. If the customer wishes to withdraw funds in RMB, TREX GLOBAL will convert its U.S. dollar to its designated currency according to the exchange rate of the UnionPay on the same day. CREATE RICH WEALTH According to market conditions, the above exchange rate is changed without prior notification to the customer.
4. Internet Risk Disclosure Statement
Since the signals between the Internet, its reception or lines, the settings of its equipment/systems or the reliability of its connected systems, are not within the scope of TREX GLOBAL's control, TREX GLOBAL will not be able to communicate in the event of communications failures through the Internet. OTC transactions are quite risky and not suitable for everyone. Regardless of how convenient and quick it is for online transactions, it is impossible to reduce the risks associated with trading. The customer confirms that the spot price of the OTC transaction varies from institution to institution and will change at any time between minute and second. Reasons include (but are not limited to) time differences in data transmission, and sometimes it is not even possible to conduct transactions based on the announced prices. Therefore, the customer agrees to accept that the price offered by TREX GLOBAL from time to time to the customer is the best price available at that time.
5. Open an account online
If the customer agrees to the agreement in the account opening application form on the TREX GLOBAL website, it has the same legal effect as the written customer agreement. The company will not mail the customer agreement separately. The client must personally visit the TREX GLOBAL office to present the original identity document and sign the customer agreement in written form.
6. Financial data and information
The Client agrees that the financial data or other information obtained through the Electronic Trading Service will not be used in its daily business and will not be distributed, copied, published or disseminated to others without the written consent of TREX GLOBAL. other information. If the customer violates this clause, the customer will have to bear all the losses and damages that cause the creation of wealth.
7. Trading platform maintenance
TREX GLOBAL believes that if necessary, it may suspend the provision of some or all of its electronic trading services for regular or emergency repairs. In these circumstances, TREX GLOBAL should take reasonable steps to notify customers before suspending services. The Client understands and accepts that Fortune Pacific may at any time exercise its absolute discretion without giving Client's advance notice to suspend, prohibit, limit or terminate Client's use of or access to TREX GLOBAL' Electronic Trading Service System for any transaction. The relevant circumstances will not affect the rights and/or commitments that both parties have before suspending, prohibiting, restricting or terminating the electronic trading service system entering TREX GLOBAL or the customer ending their electronic account. TREX GLOBAL absolutely does not need to pay interest on deposit guarantees or any payments deposited with customers in this account.
8. Execution of trading instructions
The client acknowledges that TREX GLOBAL does not guarantee that the orders issued by customers through electronic trading services will be executed. The dealer or his staff or agent need not be responsible for any unexecuted instructions. Unless the customer has clearly received the information that TREX GLOBAL confirms that it has received or executed the customer's instructions, it should not be considered that TREX GLOBAL has received or executed the customer's trading instructions. Including but not limited to the following exceptions, due to a computer system error, an error in the electronic trading system, an incorrect price (non-international gold market at the exact price of the transaction at that time, the customer must accept the dealer to determine the true price of the price on the basis of integrity and professionalism. (Sexuality is based on the final decision of the dealer) and other circumstances cause TREX GLOBAL to erroneously issue a confirmation to the customer. The trader has the ultimate power to unilaterally modify or even cancel the confirmation. The customer must fully accept the dealer’s decision and undertake related or And the resulting responsibility.
9. Third-party agency transaction risk
In order to ensure the interests of customers, TREX GLOBAL is prohibited from authorizing third parties to operate customer accounts without the consent of TREX GLOBAL. If the company discovers or suspects that the customer is an account authorized by a third party without the company's consent, the company has the full right to cancel all transactions in the account. Since the above behavior may have violated New Zealand’s anti-money laundering and related laws, TREX GLOBAL has the full right to cancel these accounts and collects not less than 10% of the balance in the account as administrative expenses and returns the remaining balance in the account to the account.
10. Spread of bid and offer
All bid-offer spreads will be adjusted and changed according to market conditions. In a few cases (including but not limited to published data, unexpected news, weak market transactions, etc.), it is normal to expand the bid-ask spreads.